Stylish Guest Bathroom Ideas

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by Hemron/ on 20 Nov 2022

Stylish Guest Bathroom Ideas

Whether you are new to interior design or are looking for inspiration for your latest project, it’s easy to forget about certain spaces. The guest bathroom may not seem like the most important room, but a well-designed space will give your property a luxurious feel.

Making The Most Of Your Space

How you configure the guest bathroom will depend on the space available but remember to keep a neutral feel. While it could be nice to add a little colour to the space, you don’t want to overwhelm guests with your own personal style. Neutral shades and white fixtures can give a chic feel without being too intrusive.

If the space is small, consider a fully-tiled wet room. A designer shower can create a feature in a small wet room and the choice of tiling is also important. While dark neutral tones work well on floors, beware of making a small bathroom too dark. Also, consider the finish of the tiles – a textured matt tile can add sophistication.

Choosing Bathroom Fittings

Consider how the style of the guest bathroom fits with the rest of the house. A modern suite may look out-of-place if the rest of the property is quite traditional. Choose taps carefully to fit in with the overall style of the space. If you need inspiration, guest bathroom ideas can be found online.