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Welcome to Architect Wiki, the place to find all information related to interior architecture and design. My name is Johanna and I started this blog to share information about my passion: architecture. Whether you’re looking for a teenage girl bedroom painting ideas or how to incorporate a sectional sofa bed in your design, this is the place to be.

Architect Wiki strives to unravel the whole world of mystery that surrounds interior architecture. You might have had a moment to look at beautiful and magnificent buildings in your neighbourhood and wondered what exactly the role of an interior architect in the construction was. You also might have wondered how an architect is able to come up with some of the complicated designs you find around.

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What Architects Do

An architect is simply that guy that will put all your thoughts about a prospective house into a design that can easily be interpreted by building engineers and masons. Once the drawing is done, it gives you a better picture of your thoughts and if they reflect the real needs you might have been having about the house you want to put up. They also can do miniature plastic /cardboard models of their drawings to assist you to envision how the structure will look like once it is completed. This is exactly what architects do in the course of the professional endeavours.

During the designs and drawing phase, the architect will bring all design ideas on paper and try his best to see if they can be actualized. They further ensure that the drawing is done in such a way the builders will get even the slightest dimension of the house from their drawing. This is done while complying with building standards. Notably, building standards in different parts of the world may differ and this is up-to-the architect to ensure that his drawings are in line with your country’s requirements. They also ensure that the designs are safe and will serve the purposes they are intended to.

The View Of A Professional Architect

Generally speaking, architects are engineers that actualize your ideas and put them on paper for all other engineers to comprehend. They are the first people you talk to anytime you have an idea that you want to be implemented into a blueprint in the construction world. Architect Wiki intends to expound more on who a professional architect is.

You can view a professional architect as a designer that is always willing to listen even to the wildest of your thoughts about a house or structure you want to put up. As a designer, he/she will try his best to ensure that each of your ideas is reflected on the final designs while still remaining within allowable standards.

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Understanding what architects do can be pretty difficult if you haven’t had an opportunity to sit down with one. This is where our blog – Architect Wiki comes into play. Here, you get an opportunity to understand who interior architects are, what exactly their job entails and perhaps how to relate with them as well. You also can browse through our blog to get more insights about how to get the best architect to get your job done.