Loft Conversion Ideas For An Upgrade

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by Hemron/ on 20 Jan 2023

Loft Conversion Ideas For An Upgrade

Got a loft filled with junk? Why not maximise your space and cleverly transform it into an extended room. Create a new room for your office, a gym, or even a guest bedroom with a sectional sofa bed. The options are endless for your next loft extension project.

Practical And Smart Transformation

Converting your loft into a new room may depend on its structure, size, and features. If you have a small loft, it is ideal for a children’s room or even a playroom. For a peaceful escape, turn it into an extra living space or another bathroom with a bathtub overlooking a window.

If the loft has a low roof, create roof lights to make the room look bigger and lighter. For the hobbyist, convert the loft into a mini library, music room, or yoga space. Some lofts can have an awkward section, making it difficult to work with. Not to worry, this space can be a section for storage, a toilet, or even a small reading area.

Where To Begin?

After deciding what room is best based on the loft’s floor plan, you’re now ready to start your loft conversion project. Think about which furniture works best with the size, corners, and ceiling. Plus, you’ll need to decide on the paint and flooring. Don’t forget the amount of change you’ll make depends on the set budget for the project.