Modern Kitchen Design Styles

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by Hemron/ on 20 Oct 2022

Modern Kitchen Design Styles

Kitchens have subtly deviated from being where meals come from to a place designed to feed the eyes with wonderful designs, carry out several activities, and satisfy hunger pangs. Modern kitchen architecture has taken a contemporary style to suit people who see the kitchen as more than just a place to cook meals.

Features Of Modern Kitchen Designs

In addition to the main sections of a kitchen, which include: preparation, cooking, washing, and a cleaning section, modern kitchen designs feature additional sections. These sections, including a bar or breakfast table, reflect the activities commonly carried out there and hope to conserve space. Here are three modern kitchen designs:

  1. L-Shaped Kitchen: L-shaped kitchen seeks chaos-free organization in mostly small and medium kitchen spaces. The L-shaped kitchen comprises two walls attached to form a perpendicular angle. One of the walls is twice the length of the wall attached to it. This type of kitchen requires an intricate floor plan that pairs up easily with any beautiful design.

  2. Island Kitchen: This modern kitchen design features a freestanding cabinet with kitchen stools around it. The island kitchen comfortably accommodates guests as well as hosts, creating ample space and ventilation. 3. Galley Kitchen: The galley kitchen aims at safety and efficiency. It features opposing walls of cabinets with a walkway in between. The cabinets house several appliances and utensils giving the kitchen a neat and orderly look.


Modern kitchen design styles are sometimes glossy, sleek, metallic, beautiful, and simple. In an era adverse to design repetitions, these styles take an identity of their own with a splash of bold colours and interesting pieces to create engaging environments. The three modern kitchen designs discussed in this post will surely give your kitchen a stunning look.