Interior Architect And Interior Designer Tips For Teenage Bedrooms

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by Hemron/ on 20 Apr 2022

Interior Architect And Interior Designer Tips For Teenage Bedrooms

Designing a teen’s bedroom needs more than just a bucket of paint or flowers. This process will require subtle imaginations and a revamp of your artistic sense. Apart from different patterns or hand-crafted murals, paintings are a simple interior decor design solution. Here are some good teenage bedroom painting ideas to provide some inspiration.

Teenage Bedroom Interior Design and Paintings Ideas

  1. Plain shade for ceilings and mouldings: It is always advisable to paint the ceiling and mouldings in a single shade for a cohesive backdrop that lets the furnishing pop.
  2. Bright colours for shelves: Paint teenage bookshelves and wardrobes in a splash of bright colours to spotlight them.
  3. Have a splash of creativity: Give wings to your teenagers’ dreams by artistic, possibly graffiti-styled, splashes of creativity. This tiny detailing breathes life into a room.
  4. Add a touch of murals: Creative wall artistry and murals are a special way of introducing themes and accentuating them with finesse and style. Murals can bring your teenage bedroom to life and ensure the teenager feels at home.
  5. Never forget the floors: Refinish floors with bold stripes, or groovy polka dots, that make a stylistic statement.

Adding Finishing Touches

Painting a tiny bedroom belonging to a teenager may need some cool, neutral tones like light ash, with clever mixtures of other accenting colours. Always ensure that the teenager is comfortable with the proposed design idea, even if it means a little haggling, smart compromises and a few creative knacks to reach mutually acceptable terms. Our interior architect and interior designer have provided tips to help revamp the teenage bedrooms without blowing the budget.