Reach For The Sky French Tip

Reach For The Sky French Tip
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Grey
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ATTENTION Please make sure you have your correct sizes BEFORE placing an order! Unsure about what your sizes are? HIGHLY RECOmmEND YOU FIRST ORDER A SIZING KIT FOR THE BEST ACCURATE SIZING. (Search sizing kit in my store.) IF STILL UNSURE HOW TO SIZE YOURSELF? ANOTHER OPTION IS TO SELECT CUSTOM SIZE(S) ON YOUR ORDERS, & SEND DM WITH A PICTURE OF YOUR HAND/NAILS & A DIME(FOR SCALE). I CAN SIZE YOU DIGITALLY WITH A GOOD PICTURE OF YOUR NAIL BEDS & A COIN. “SEARCH COIN SIZING METHOD” FOR FURTHER ExPLANATION. ONCE YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN PLACED, ORDERS WILL BE SENT AS ORDERED. NO REFUNDS OR ExCHANGES FOR BUYING INCORRECTLY. ITEM DESCRIPTION: Cute toy story french set. One of my favorite movies growing up. All orders include a complementary nail glue,nail file, cuticle pusher & instructions on application & removal. Please feel free to change the length & shape from the one that is pictured under options. WHAT IS INCLUDED WITH MY PURCHASE? WITH EVERY ORDER PURCHASE YOU WILL RECEIVE 1 FREE PREP KIT. PREP KIT INCLUDES: NAIL GLUE CUTICLE PUSHER NAIL FILES ALCOHOL PREP PADS (1 complementary kit per order placed) “Extra kits can be purchase under prep kit set” HOW MANY NAILS ARE INCLUDED in A SET? 10 NAILS ARE INCLUDED PER SET. WHAT IF THE NAILS I ORDERED DON’T FIT ME? WE PROVIDE NAIL SIZING KITS FOR PURCHASE in ORDER TO ENSURE YOUR PERFECT FIT & AVOID INCORRECT SIZING ISSUES. KIT CAN BE PURCHASE UNDER SIZING KIT LISTING. SINCE EACH SET IS HANDMADE & DUE TO HYGIENIC REASONS WE DO NOT ACCEPT ExCHANGES/RETURNS. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. CAN I CHANGE THE COLOR OF THE SET I WANT TO ORDER? YES! COLOR CHANGES ARE THE ONLY CHANGES THAT CAN BE MADE TO A ALREADY ExISTING DESIGN. FIRST CHECK THE DESCRIPTION FOR EACH PAIR TO DETERMINE IF A COLOR CHANGE IS AVAILABLE. in order for your set to fit your nails, Dash Nails advise that you measure all ten fingers. How To Measure: STEP 1 PLACE A PIECE OF TRANSPARENT TAPE OVER YOUR BARE NAIL BED. STEP 2 WITH A PEN MARK YOUR NAIL FROM SIDE TO SIDE STEP 3 REMOVE THE TAPE FROM YOUR NAIL & PLACE OVER A RULER OR MEASURING TAPE STEP 4 MEASURE THE DISTANCE OF THE TWO MARKS ON THE TAPE USING MILLIMETERS (mm) in ORDER FOR YOUR MEASUREMENTS TO BE CORRECT THEY MUST BE in (mm) NOT (cm) OR INCHES STEP 5 WRITE DOWN YOUR (mm) MEASUREMENTS FOR EACH FINGER & REPEAT FOR ALL 10 NAILS. STEP 6 REFER TO SIZING LIST BELOW TO DETERMINE EACH FINGER SIZE BASED ON YOUR (mm) MEASUREMENTS 18(mm) = SIZE 0 17(mm) = SIZE 1 16(mm) = SIZE 2 15(mm) = SIZE 3 14(mm) = SIZE 4 13(mm) = SIZE 5 12(mm) = SIZE 6 11(mm) = SIZE 7 10(mm) = SIZE 8 9(mm) = SIZE 9 8(mm) = SIZE 10 If you do not provide your nail measurements & did not choose a full set, this will delay your order until I receive your measurements. If no measurements are received after 1 week, your order will be cancelled. I am not responsible for lost/missing orders after tracking shows as “Delivered”. If your package is lost or missing, please contact your local post office & they can instruct you further. Reach