Rainbow Colors Learning & Counting Mathset. All Accessories Included

Rainbow Colors Learning & Counting Mathset. All Accessories Included
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The set includes: One board A set of 77 colorful wood balls One wooden pen for tracing One cotton bag Size of the board: 20201.8 cm Size of balls: 1.2 cm Rainbow colors learning & counting math board set Rainbow colors learning & counting math boards are attractive to children. Teaching them about color while introducing them to basic math will be an amusing educational activity. Recommended educational activities by using this board set: Tracing. On the left part of the board, along the lines, define the order of the colors & place a colored ball in each hole. Then add colorful balls in the maze & invite your child for an entertaining educational activity. The board also comes with a wooden pencil, which will help preschool children prepare to learn how to hold the writing instrument correctly. Tracing is one of the most beneficial activities that children can use to gain confidence in pencil control. Guiding them along simple & complicated lines will prepare them for writing numbers, letters, & words. By using the tracing pen to push the balls into the right lines, children will develop fine motor skills. Color sorting, learning, & matching. Why are colors important for preschoolers? Children usually learn about color during their preschool years. The ability to identify colors is considered a marker & milestone in a child’s cognitive process & is often part of early screening for development & educational admittance. Recognizing the colors & identifying the color names is an important part of a child’s development. Early identification of colors helps to create the cognitive link between visual clues & words. Beyond basic counting. Counting is the first mathematical pattern learners encounter. From here they soon begin to count backward which is a step towards subtraction & they’ll also count in twos, fives, & tens which are a foundation for multiplication. This board is the perfect introduction to numeracy skill development. Numeracy is the ability to recognize & apply maths concepts in all areas of life. Numeracy skills involve understanding numbers, counting, solving number problems, measuring, estimating, sorting, noticing patterns, adding & subtracting numbers, & so on. Children & adults need numeracy & maths skills to do everyday things like: solve problems - for example, have I got time to walk to school? analyze & make sense of information - for example, how many wins does my team need to get to the top of the competition? understand patterns - for example, what number would the next house in this street be? make choices - for example, which bike is the best value? Your child’s everyday experiences are full of learning opportunities that lay the foundations for numeracy. Rainbow Colors Learning & Counting Mathset. All Accessories Included