Perfect Pencil Earring Studs | Hypoallergenic Polymer Clay

Perfect Pencil Earring Studs | Hypoallergenic Polymer Clay
Categories: Art Supplies, Pencil
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Pink
Size: custom
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These are adorable pencil shaped polymer clay slices that are each about 10mm in length or smaller. These are great gifts for kids, teachers, friends, whoever & come in three options of stud posts: Stainless Steel, plastic & Titanium option for both post & push back (also comes with a rubber push back for all). Great pop of color for any outfit! These clay is glued then secured with a shiny coating of resin on the back to protect ears even more. The clay is slices so it may come in varying shapes & sizes from the 10mm which means it could come slightly smaller or larger than that & I try to get the closest looking size & shaped rainbows as a pair, but each is unique due to the nature of how the clay is made. The clay is sliced thin so sits close to the ear, about 1-2mm thick. 10mm= about .4 Inches, most are smaller than this. At checkout: Please select the quantity + the type of stud back Stainless Steel, plastic & Titanium are hypoallergenic but some newly pierced ears prefer titanium. Earrings will come fastened to the card shown in the pictures with the shop logo on it & wrapped in cellophane in either a padded biodegradable envelope or a box depending on how many you order. Perfect Pencil Earring Studs | Hypoallergenic Polymer Clay