Pencil Sharpener

Pencil Sharpener
Categories: Art Supplies, Pencil
Brand: Baumgartens
Size: 1.13 H x 1.13 W x 0.63 D in
197 USD
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Brighten up any office or cubicle and always be ready to make your point with Baumgartens Dual Hole Plastic Pencil Sharpener. Great for students, draughtsman, carpenters, crafters, artists, architects, and anyone else who frequently uses a pencil. The oval, plastic sharpener has a high quality, razor-sharp blade that will keep a consistent point and won’t keep breaking your lead. The sharpener is made for standard and larger pencils. The rectangular body is easy to grip and comfortable to hold. The sharpener is 1 inch long, making it perfect for carrying in your pocket, pencil case, school kit, backpack, or briefcase. It is available in assorted, cheerful colors including yellow, red, and green. Keep them handy in the classroom and the office and even at home.