Pen Holder & Desk Organizer | Modern Office Desktop Pencil Accessory Original Gift For Boss & Coworker Beautiful Display Handmade Usa

Pen Holder & Desk Organizer | Modern Office Desktop Pencil Accessory Original Gift For Boss & Coworker Beautiful Display Handmade Usa
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Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Brown
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Organize your desk & turn your favorite pens & pencils into a beautiful display of color with this very unique pen holder. The simple modern styling will add a touch of style to your office space while serving a purpose. Holds pens, pencils, digital pens & other fine writing instruments. The perfect gift for artists, designers, writers, students, coworkers & all professionals who value their work & the pens & pencils that make it possible. ■ New modern styling with simple clean lines. ■ A minimalist design that uses only circular geometric features. ■ No hidden pens so you can easily see the pen colors & tips. ■ Holds pens, pencils & digital writing instruments such as Apple Pencil®. ■ A durable well finished product made from premium materials. ■ Handmade in Colorado, USA. Size: 3.1x3.1x4.3 inches (78x78x109mm) Weight: 3oz. (86 g) MATERIALS: The base & upper ring are made from genuine Baltic birch wood with a durable water-baser clear coat finish. The vertical spacer rod is made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy with a smooth black anodized finish. Two stainless steel screws hold everything together for a strong simple build. THE DESIGN: I designed this pen holder from scratch to be an interesting piece of functional décor for your desk or office. It organizes your pens & pencils & serves a purpose with an interesting look & feel. It is a simple modern sculpture with clean geometric lines made exclusively from circular design elements for an organic look. The Baltic birch & aluminum materials were selected for their sleek modern look & are also very durable materials that my workshop is well equipped to work with. The unique see-through design has eliminated the sidewalls found on traditional pen cups & allows a full view of all the pens & pencils for easy identification. With clear identification you can find the best pen or pencil for the task at hand. Writing instruments have their own singular beauty & now they can shine & be put on full display. HANDMADE: The wood is cut to exact dimensions on my CNC, sanded smooth & finished with several coats of clear satin poly for an attractive durable finish. The aluminum spacer rod is machined & polished on my lathe & then receives a beautiful smooth black anodize finish done to perfection at a local metal finishing shop. Although this is a handmade product, it was designed on the computer using modern CAD software for a perfect fit & a quality end result. To reduce the size of shipping box this item is shipped disassembled with clear instructions & the correct hex tool. Through thoughtful design the assembly is trivial & takes less than one minute. P R I C I N G, you will receive a beautiful well finished product at a fair price, shipped on time & supported by the great customer service you deserve. This same handmade item when sold in a fancy metropolitan design gallery would cost hundreds of dollars. Here you are buying directly from the original designer & maker for an affordable