Metallic Colored Pencils | Set Of 50 Triangular Grip

Metallic Colored Pencils | Set Of 50 Triangular Grip
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Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Rainbow
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Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Artwork A luxurious addition to any artist’s supplies, our metallic drawing pencils for artists offer a sleek look & shimmering colors that will make your artwork stand out. This 50-pack of pencils features a range of both trendy & timeless colors. These metallic crayons are excellent for adding detail & making your work more expressive & engaging. The triangular shape is designed for comfortable drawing & helps create detailed metallic effects that are sure to impress. Our wax-based core provides long-lasting color that will keep your drawings looking sharp. It provides smooth coverage & vivid color laydown, making your artwork look professionally done. This unique drawing tool adds a touch of mystery to any surface. Use them on dark paper to make images jump off the page or on light surfaces for a more subtle effect. With a range of colors that shimmer & shine, this metallic crayon set is a must-have for any artist. Whether you’re working on a personal project or for a client, these metallic colored pencils will give your artwork an edge. Ultimate Shimmer: Making your illustrations come alive. Our 50-piece set of coloring pencils provides just the right level of metallic shine. Whether you are looking for crayons for adult coloring or professional work, these pencils will help you achieve your desired look. Add Rich Detail to Drawings: Create art that connects with others. Our sketching pencils feature an even color laydown & smooth coverage, giving your artwork a masterful look. The sleek, triangular barrels are available in a range of trendy colors. Metallic Colored Pencils | Set Of 50 Triangular Grip