Lucky Charms Color Changer Dip Powder

Lucky Charms Color Changer Dip Powder
Categories: Art Supplies, Color
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Green
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Lucky Charms is a chunky glitter mix that color changes from green to gold. Please visit our shop at for more colors, individuals, & sets. Like us on Facebook at & Instagram @SandADipPowders for new releases, restocks, & giveaways. All swatches shown have 2 layers of the listed dip powder, are encapsulated in clear dip powder, & are finished with a gel top coat. Pictures are taken in natural light or under photo lights & we do our best to ensure the colors in the photos are as accurate as possible. Please note, different devices & monitors may show the color differently. To do a full manicure, you will need dip powder liquids including a Base liquid, an Activator liquid, & a Top Coat. To complete a full dip powder manicure, follow the suggested steps below: 1. Prep your nail & apply a Bond or Dehydrator if desired. 2. Apply your Base liquid & dip into a clear dip powder. 3. Apply Base & dip or lay your finger into the dip powder. (Pouring the dip powder into a cupcake liner & laying your finger flat into it is recommended for best results with glitter.) 4. Apply Base & dip or lay into the dip powder again. 5. Apply Base & dip into a clear dip powder to encapsulate the glitter. 6. Apply Activator liquid. 7. Use a hand file or eFile to file your nails evening out the dip powder & shaping the nails. 8. Dust off your nails & apply a top coat of your choice. S&A Dip Powders is not resposible for any allergic reactions that may occur. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to modify a dip powder & we will fulfill the request to the best of our ability. Lucky Charms Color Changer Dip Powder