Industrial Mechanical Pencil, Handmade Wooden Pencil in Chrome & Baltic Birch Laminate

Industrial Mechanical Pencil, Handmade Wooden Pencil in Chrome & Baltic Birch Laminate
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Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Brown
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This mechanical pencil features a refined, faceted, hexagonal nuts & bolts design that has great balance for a superior writing experience. Pencil has a super quiet, smooth action click mechanism & an eraser under the click top. Mechanical Pencils Features & Specs Pencil Type - Mechanical Pencil Type Operation - Click Top Fittings - Chrome Material - Wood - Baltic Birch Color - Cream to Light Brown Layers Length - 5-3/4 in Width (measured at point of finger contact) - .440 in Pencil Operation - Button click on top of pen to extend & retract Weight - 1.3 oz Lead Type - 2mm Includes - Extra pack of lead Includes a Paper Mate Pink Pearl Eraser Includes a Sharpener & eraser under the click top Replacing Lead - press the plunger & hold down. Slide a new lead stick through the tip to the desired extension. Handcrafted pencil, ships with instructions for use in a hard clear topped case for protection or gift giving. Pen box can be upgraded to a Premium Black Leatherette Pen Gift Box. Handcrafted Mechanical Pencils Chrome Plating Chrome plating is extremely durable plating. Under normal use, this plating should hold up for many, many years. Chrome is durable, beautiful & the choice of many of our customers. It is a “go to” plating. Handmade Mechanical Pencils Laminate Baltic Birch is not a specific species of birch, but is a general designation from Russia, Finland, & nearby Baltic states. As with any natural wood product, quality can be variable. However, Baltic Birch is generally regarded as being of higher quality than standard birch. in a nutshell, Baltic Birch laminate is made entirely from birch plies, with no softwood or filler plies in the center. Furthermore, the plies themselves tend to be much thinner, allowing for more plies for a given thickness, which adds to a much better looking laminate for our pens. Additional Information on my writing instruments All of my writing instruments are meticulously handcrafted in my workshop. It takes quality tools, touch, feel, the right method & patience to make a flawless pen. My pens may seem a little more expense than some but the high end finishes & attention to detail show in the finished product. Each picture of a pen is the actual pen that you will receive. All pens will ship within 24 - 48 hours. Each ink pen is unique; no two will ever be alike since they are handcrafted works of art. All of our wood products are purchased through legally licensed providers that provide exotic woods from sustainable forest product areas Industrial Mechanical Pencil, Handmade Wooden Pencil in Chrome & Baltic Birch Laminate