Destinies - Colored Snap-On Bases

Destinies - Colored Snap-On Bases
Categories: Art Supplies, Color
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Grey
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Give your plays a unique experience with these 3d-printed colored bases! No more checking on the details of the small minis to find out who is who. You can snap a base on your character with the color of your choice & distinguish you character at once! With the same way, you can mark the NPC’s miniatures. For example, if someone will give you gold, you can mark it with a gold base, etc. Each set consists of 40 bases, two in each of the 20 colors for the small miniatures. There are more than enough to cover all the minis, on both base game & Myth & Folklore expansion. in addition, you can order the bases for the 8 big miniatures (colors shown on photos) The minis with their bases on, can fit in the tray of the game. The small bases can also be used for “Joan of Ark”. Printed in Quality PLA plastic. Please note that colors may differ slightly from the ones depicted in the photos. Destinies - Colored Snap-On Bases