Coral Animal Print Press On Nails

Coral Animal Print Press On Nails
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Orange
20 USD
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This set is made to order. Set Includes: - 10 set or 20 set of nails - Glue or Tabs - Alcohol Wipe - Buffing Block - Cuticle Pusher - Nail FileSizes to choose from: Full Nail Set (20 nails) includes all sizes from (0-9) 10 Nail Set from the following sizes: Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL XS = 3 (THUMB), 6 (INDEX), 5 (MIDDLE), 7 (RING), 9 (PINKY) S= 2 (THUMB), 5 (INDEX), 4 (MIDDLE), 6 (RING), 9 (PINKY) M= 1 (THUMB), 5 (INDEX), 4 (MIDDLE), 6 (RING), 8 (PINKY) L= 0 (THUMB), 4 (INDEX), 3 (MIDDLE), 5 (RING), 7 (PINKY) XL = 0 (THUMB), 3 (INDEX), 2 (MIDDLE), 4 (RING), 6 (PINKY) For custom sizes you will need to provide me with the width of all 10 of your nails in millimeters. You can use a measuring tape or a piece of regular tape & a ruler to measure the width of your nails. Please include this information in the customization section. Please be sure to measure nails accurately. Do not guess your size or use other shop’s sizing, as it may differ! If unsure of your sizes you can order a sizing kit or choose a full set of 20 nails which includes all sizes. All nail sets come with an application kit that includes glue DISCLAIMER Different display monitors may affect the lighting & color of the photos. Due to the nature of designing our handmade nails, designs may vary slightly as they are all one of a kind. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES For hygienic reasons, we cannot take returns or allow cancellations as all sets are custom made to order & are begun immediately after we receive the order. Our sets will be created & shipped according to the current shop policies. Shipping processing time will be estimated by Etsy. After the package is sent off for shipping we no longer have control over the package & therefore cannot be held responsible for any delays or damages. We strive to provide the best quality products & customer service so please let us know if there is anything we can help you with during this process or if you have any issues. Coral Animal Print Press On Nails