Chair - Terrain Prop Pharaoh Props Echoes Of Life Resin Miniature For Rpg's, Dnd, Pathfinder Cast N Play

Chair - Terrain Prop Pharaoh Props Echoes Of Life Resin Miniature For Rpg's, Dnd, Pathfinder Cast N Play
Categories: Furniture, Chair
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Gray
2.25 USD
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FREE SHIPPING if your order from Wonder World Prints totals $35 or more. From the Echoes of Life collection. Resin printed to order on a 4K resin printer at a vertical resolution of only 50 microns per layer. The result is beautiful, crisp detail. You have your choice of materials: ABS-Like Resin. This material is a light gray in color & shows details very nicely. It prints cleanly & is relatively durable. Pieces will be able to handle regular use, but delicate parts may break if dropped. Gaming resin was specially formulated for gaming. We use TGM-7. It’s a darker gray in color, prints details wonderfully & the piece will stand up to lots of handling & its unusual to have break even when dropped. It costs much more, but that is par for the course with a premium material & TGM-7 definitely that! Item price is determined by the amount of resin required for printing. The model is unpainted & unprimed. Your model will be printed in gray, which is the easiest color to see the details on for painting. If you would like a different color, please feel free to specify this in the comments. We will try to accommodate your request but be aware that this will usually add a week or more to the shipping time as we may not have the requested resin color in stock. Some of larger figures may come in multiple parts that require assembly using super glue. While support marks are often visible under the base, they are virtually impossible to spot on the parts of the model that will be seen. We also remove all supports prior to shipping, although you may occasionally find a micro-support that was missed somewhere. If so, it will be easily removed with tweezers. At Wonder World Prints, we compete on quality; not price. Due to the high resolution that the model is printed at, it takes a full week to produce. For both FDM & resin prints we use plant-based materials wherever possible, which is more environmentally friendly. While there may be some minor imperfections in the product due to the inherent nature of 3D printing, we will not send to you any piece that we would not be happy with ourselves. We carefully package everything that we ship, but sometimes the carriers aren’t kind in their handling of parcels. If an assembled product arrives damaged, we will replace it. With unassembled products, we will replace any damaged parts. Please note that this particular model was created by Cast ‘N Play ( for which we are a licensed merchant. Chair - Terrain Prop Pharaoh Props Echoes Of Life Resin Miniature For Rpg’s, Dnd, Pathfinder Cast N Play