Anassa Damask Pillowcase

Anassa Damask Pillowcase
Categories: Art Supplies, Pencil
Brand: Togas
Color: gray
Size: Standard
132.99 USD
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Snow-white pillowcase “Anassa” is made of innovative SENSOTEX® material. It is based on eucalyptus fiber impregnated with a special Kefalis solution made from Ionian sea algae extract. This treatment makes the fabric 10% stronger, 20% less crumpled, and 30% silkier. SENSOTEX® is an eco-friendly fabric, no chlorine-containing substances are used in its production, only a solvent is used. It perfectly passes air - “breaths”, has the ability to regulate the temperature, it is comfortable to sleep on such underwear at any time of the year, and in hot weather, touching it will give a slight coolness. Soft, silky, pleasant to the touch Sensotex is designed for people with sensitive skin. The material is similar to natural silk, but it is more practical and easy to care for. The “Anassa” pillowcase is grace, elegance, and fragile beauty. The snow-white fabric represents purity, peace, and harmony. The thin contours of the classic ornament are like an imitation of a drawing with a silver-gray pencil, a light outline with strokes. This pattern also resembles the airy lace that bed linen is decorated with. Size: Standard