A Colorful Morning On The Mount - Canvas Print

A Colorful Morning On The Mount - Canvas Print
Categories: Art Supplies, Color
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Dark Olive
835 USD
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The Duquesne Incline is such a classic view of Pittsburgh, & even moreso during a colorful sunrise! This is a 34x60 canvas print. The $110 for shipping is built into the price & is direct from my lab, which includes the shipping & the crate. I do not mark that cost up. Vivid metal creates show-stopping conversation pieces & add an artistic edge & contemporary elegance to the image. Hang Vivid Metal prints with ease using a ¾" thick Float Mount on the back of the metal itself. The ready-to-hang mount is positioned to meet both vertical & horizontal image orientations. The White Base creates a fresh, bright appearance allowing all the details of your image to shine through with crystal clear precision. E-Surface Paper is our most popular photographic paper. Accurate color, lifelike skin tones, archival quality & a traditional photo finish are just a few reasons why customers love E-Surface Prints. A Colorful Morning On The Mount - Canvas Print