3 Piece Versitile Desk Organizer Set

3 Piece Versitile Desk Organizer Set
Brand: Bigso
Color: gray
Size: 10.0 H x 13.1 W x 5.7 D in
48.99 USD
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Help organize and clean up your workspace. This three-piece set includes a 2 drawer storage box, a desktop organizer, and a magazine/catalog storage box. As functional as it is handsome. Simple and clean Swedish design. Allows for a comfortable fit in any type of décor. Will get you started in creating a workspace environment that is easy to live with and remains functional for years. Begin to unclutter documents, catalogs, and magazines. Gather desktop accessories and organize them within easy reach. You can add additional, coordinated products over time. Always stay organized as the need for more storage increases over time. Color: Light Grey