3 Drawer Storage Chest

3 Drawer Storage Chest
Brand: Homz
Size: 25.5 H x 14.25 W x 12.5 D in
44.23 USD
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Your kitchen junk drawer isn’t doing you any favors. Organize your random clutter with the help of plastic 3 clear-drawer container towers. Equipped with 3 large drawers, these multi-purpose organizer units are perfect for storing small to medium-sized items. Whether you place them in the bathroom, your bedroom, the laundry room, or the kitchen, make use of each convenient storage organizer. The heavy-duty black plastic frame keeps the drawers in place so you can store everything from shoes and clothing to art supplies and holiday decorations. The clear drawer design makes it easy for you to quickly identify the contents without having to remove or open the container. A top recessed lid makes it easy to keep small items in place without rolling off. Measuring 12.5 inches long, 14.25 inches wide, and 25.5 inches tall overall, the large drawers measure approximately 12.31 inches long, 9.92 inches wide, and 6.85 inches tall. So, enjoy keeping your home more organized with the 3-drawer storage container towers.