2" Floor Protecting Rubber Office Chair Caster

2" Floor Protecting Rubber Office Chair Caster
Brand: Slipstick
Color: black
Size: 2.0 W x 2.0 D in
22.03 USD
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Get full swivel action and floor protection WITHOUT the need for big plastic floor mats. These rubber casters are the office wheels of the future. Perfect set of 5 replacement caster wheels for office chairs with hard plastic wheels. Scratches, scuffs, stuck wheels and noisy squeaks will be a thing of the past with these rubber caster wheels on your chair. Install them quickly and easily (no tools required) simply pull off the old and snap in the new and you’re ready for sturdy support and stylish presentation a set of 5 caster wheels can offer. Designed to hold a maximum of 66 lbs each or 330 lbs total weight chair and rider.