10 Is There Really A Man Who Looks Like That? Diy 5D Diamond Painting Kit Full Square & Round Drill

10 Is There Really A Man Who Looks Like That? Diy 5D Diamond Painting Kit Full Square & Round Drill
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10 Is There Really a Man Who Looks Like That? DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kit Full Square & Round Diamond Drill 5D Diamond Mosaic Square Diamond Embroidery Animal 3d Embroidery Wall Art Cross Stitch diamond painting kit Kit Includes: Fabric printed with design chart, Colorful diamonds, Point Drill Pen, Drill Tray, Wax, Tweezers. Frames NOT included. We have provided a size chart to compare the clarity differences between small & larger canvases. in addition, ordering round diamonds instead of square diamonds makes a huge difference in clarity. Round vs. Square: It is faster & easier & certainly best for beginners with round diamonds. However, rounded leaves gaps between the diamonds. To have a clear picture of round diamonds, it is recommended that you order larger sizes, i.e., 40x40 & up. Remember that the canvas is centimeters & smaller than inches. You can Google centimeters vs. inches & get the exchange between them. You will have a much closer fit with square diamonds & therefore have a much clearer picture. in addition, the smaller sizes will be much nicer. However, once again, we recommend sizes no smaller than the 30x30 for square. We sell smaller canvas kits, understanding that some people cannot afford larger canvases. But people get disheartened when finishing a small picture because the picture is not clear or what they expected. If you are new to diamond art, look into investing in extra tools to make your experience much nicer. YouTube is a great resource to learn the “How To’s.” Invest in a light pad if you don’t have one. They are very inexpensive, & you can find them on Esty at a reasonable price: good magnifying glasses are invaluable for seeing the canvas symbols that sometimes can look similar. You can find many kinds of magnifying units available on Esty. Try a light pen as an alternative. These items are NOT part of your kit. Our diamond art canvasses are made to order, produced, & shipped from China. Therefore, we expect delivery times to be typically between 3 to 4 weeks. I am always available to help you with questions or to help you track your package. If this is a gift, allow enough time for shipping. When the canvas is ready to ship, you can be assured that it is freshly made & the surface of the canvas is very sticky. We want your purchase to be in perfect condition when you receive it. Special orders take around 3-4 days longer than usual as the setup is different. NOTE: If there is a problem with your order when you receive your canvas, please “message Sharon,” & we will try to fix it. Please don’t leave issues that can be fixed in a review. Most problems can be addressed without upset or anger. Many times, a canvas will have what will look like wrinkles but are air bubbles causing diamonds not to sit evenly. These are common & are fixed easily. Please contact me for information on how to correct this. Many common issues can be fixed & are mostly unknown to people new to diamond art. We are always here to help you with