1-1/2 X -To- 8 Inchs - Brass, Stainless, Copper Look Personalized Engraved Plate, Flexible Outdoor Grade Acrylic Sign [Outdoor .06]

1-1/2 X -To- 8 Inchs - Brass, Stainless, Copper Look Personalized Engraved Plate, Flexible Outdoor Grade Acrylic Sign [Outdoor .06]
Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Gold
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  • 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 to 8 inches [.06 thick] NEED A CUSTOM SIZE - Order one that is larger than the size you need, then request it to be made the smaller size you want. - i.e. order the 1-1/2" x 5" & ask it to be 1-3/8" tall x 4-5/8" wide etc. - FINISHED SIZES ARE CLOSE BUT NOT EXACT - OUTDOOR grade - This product is designed for indoor/outdoor use. - Material: 1/16" thick flexible/bendable engraving acrylic plastic. the type you see in offices. - Metallic LOOK of Satin Gold, Satin Silver or Satin Copper finish options - Personalized Engraved Plate - Engraving is a black color - Good for photo frames, paintings, art, awards & custom made items This is a flexible acrylic material that will form to slightly curved surfaces such as chair back. Options Peal & Stick Adhesive [surface needs to be clean & smooth, will not stick to oiled, raw or unfinished wood, needs to be a painted or lacquered finish, also not as permanent as when using screws] OR Stainless Steel Screws [silver color] LIMITED TO 10 WORDS PER INCH @ 6 LINES OF ENGRAVING 1 inch = 10 words MAX 3 inch = 30 words Max 5 inch = 50 words MAX 6 inch = 60 words MAX 7 inch = 70 words MAX 8 inch = 80 words MAX [the more you say the smaller the text size] - Engraving - Shown are our most popular fonts - ENGRAVING CAN BE DIFFERENT ON EACH PLATE. - Submit your text, & we will design it for you. - Engraving is limited to the number of words as listed above. - All lines will be CENTERED unless you specify not to. Please put your engraving instructions in the box FOR ALL THE PLATES you are ordering of the SAME SIZE & COLOR. After entering all your text, then select the batch for the number you are ordering. Then click the add to cart button, If you leave this page, you will loose all your typed text. DO NOT USE EMOJIs - type out [ Heart Symbol ] etc. instead [ emoji print out as a “?”, & that is what we engrave, “I Love you with all my ?” ] [ please do not attempt to make it look like you want, i.e. centered using spaces, that just make it print out weird ] [ anything in [] will be treated as instructions & will not be engraved, since [] brackets are not usually used in text ] [ All lines will be CENTERED unless you specify otherwise, no need to mention that ] [ please use - [L] Large, [M] Medium & [S] Small - for lines size, DO NOT NOT use MM, Picas or Points, we do not use them, we use 10ths ] ordering examples Example 1; [Font = Ariel] [one name per plate please] Tyler Stone Heather DaJobie Josawa Jones [yes that is spelled correctly] [Heart Symbol] William Scott [Heart Symbol] [Star Symbol] Laura White [Star Symbol] [cell # 555-555-5555 - IamNot@Here.com] Example 2; [plate 1] After a long day [left justified, Ariel] [plate 2] [L1] = Waiting for the Sun [centered, larger, Brush Script] [L2] = by Franklen B. Wright [centered, Ariel, Medium] [L3] = -> [right justified, Ariel, small] [cell # 555-555-5555 - IamNot@Here.com] - Please include a cell number for proofing PLEASE PROVIDE A CELL PHONE NUMBER FOR